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Weaving The Americas / Tejiendo las Americas

February 27-28 and March 1st 2014. Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

We want to thank all the presenters and attendees for making this weaving possible and so special. You can see more pictures here.


Welcoming words by Mitchell Kossak:


Welcome to the Weaving The Americas/Tejiendo las Americas Symposium

When I was a boy I would sit and look out the window.  I would sit there for hours, just watching the sites go by.  My parents would say, “What are you doing?  Go out and play.”  But I would just sit there.  I realize now I was dreaming.  I was dreaming of this moment – here and now – of sitting with all of you.  I didn’t know it then.  I had no idea.  I thought I was watching the reality outside my window. But now I understand what it means to travel through worlds, to enter what Audous Huxley called the Doors of Perception.  And I understand what Jung meant when he said we must dream the dream further.  And so a little less then a year ago a dream began.   It began as a small thread and slowly began to weave an idea, a magical dream of weaving las Americas together.  And here we are today.

Yesterday in the small rural village we visited, in the biblioteca PAVA, we sat in a circle weaving our dreams together.  Grown men and women, children of all ages. Did they know we were going to show up in their dream?  We sat in a circle calling out our ancestors one by one.  I watched the children giggling and laughing and I knew at that moment that one day one or two of them will also realize that the doors of perception are open and they will slip through.  In that moment I was the boy looking out the window and I was the man calling out to my ancestors.  As Einstein once famously said, “People like us know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”  So I will leave you with the words of the great 12th century poet, Mevlana Jellalahdin Rumi, “Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing there is a field.  I will meet you there.”  Thank you for reminding me of what I always knew.


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1st Latin American Regional Symposium

Weaving The Americas / Tejiendo las Americas

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