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MARCH 26 – MARCH 29, 2020

REGISTER BY 2/28/2020!

IEATA and Ottawa University Phoenix campus, are “abuzz” with activity as plans progress for the 2020 conference.  The Ottawa “Bee Team” is buzzing with “Ottawa Spirit,” having selected a bee and beehive theme, symbolic of both community and personal power.  The bee is the symbol of harmony, teamwork and open communication.  Bees remind us to focus on the nurturing of ourselves, our families, community and support groups. 

The focus of this conference is the celebration of the harmonious interconnectivity of creativity, beauty and healing of mind, body and spirit in all its wondrous forms: music, visual arts, poetry and writing, dance/movement, rhythm and play.

IEATA and Ottawa University graciously extend a welcome invitation to all expressive arts therapists, art therapists, artists, mental health professionals, students and community to join us in March 2020. Come enjoy the uplifting, unlimited and un-bee-lievable healing possibilities of the creative process!


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“Creativity is the evidence each day you are consciously living with intention – the intention to end each day as a better version of yourself than you were when you started it.”

– Dr. Stephen Birchak, 2020 IEATA Conference Plenary Speaker