Expressive Arts Therapist - REAT® 


IEATA welcomes your application for Registration as an Expressive Arts Therapist (REAT). Please engage in this process as a creative challenge in describing your professional path and philosophy of Expressive Arts Therapy.


Select the Standard REAT Application for all Education Categories A-D, or select the Exceptional Category REAT Application for Education Category E (see the REAT Standards and Requirements page for more details).





☐        Cover Letter of Intention (can be in body of email) and why the applicant feels that they should be considered under the Exceptional Category


☐        Application for REAT registration, including the following:

  • Contact Information & Checklist Page

  • Transcripts & References

  • Education & Training

  • 5 Letters of Reference, with at least two of them being past



☐        Documentation that verifies applicant's prior 15 years+ experience in the field of expressive arts therapy, that clearly represents a multi-modal approach


☐        Curriculum Vitae, illustrating evidence of conference presentations, teaching positions and/or presentations, published works, etc., showing evidence of experience relevant to expressive arts therapy and professional standing OR Resume


☐        Autobiographical Statement (5 page minimum, double spaced)


☐        Expressive Arts Philosophy Statement (5 page minimum, double spaced)

☐        Application Fee of $120.00

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