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Olivia Corson, Founder of Body Tales®

Olivia Corson,

Founder of Body Tales®

"I grew up in a cross-cultural family. Body Tales began as my survival lifeline. I love the way this art form opens a wealth of resources. We are touched and inspired by our commonalities and our differences. We humans have such a tremendous need to share our artistry and our passions. Sometimes it is not enough to write in a journal forever and have no one read it – not enough to dance alone to the gods. There is something about being seen, heard and appreciated – in community – that is tremendously affirming. My joy in this work is tapping into the miracle of the body – making way for our fierce and tender stories – our lunacy as well as our wisdom. We dance for relatedness and for freedom, for autonomy and for belonging."


Olivia Corson, originator of Body Tales®, is a spirited and inspiring Movement Theater artist and teacher. She is the Artistic Director of Third Stone Productions, the non-profit aspect of Body Tales. Olivia has taught and performed extensively in colleges, studios, retreat centers and conferences for more than 30 years. Her academic background includes an MA in Culture and Spirituality, with focus on Expressive Arts, and a BFA. in Dance Performance. Olivia powerfully infuses the Body Tales practice with her passion for the Earth, and for the movement and stories that renew and sustain us. Along with national and international guest teaching and performing, she continues to be an artistic force in the San Francisco Bay Area. Olivia serves as co-chair for the Artist's committee on the board of IEATA.

"There is a constant unpredictability about Corson and Company's work, a refreshing honesty...the result is very good indeed – touching, humorous and affecting."

The Scotsman, Edinburgh Fringe Festival


"Corson dances in-between the factual and the mythological, creating modern-day mythology for the Earth. It's great stuff!"

Luisah Teish, author and teacher


"Corson's text is explicit and powerful; her delivery strong, her movement appropriate to the text and beautiful to watch. Corson uses theater to transform reality and consciousness."

San Francisco Bay Times

"Corson is a poetic writer and performer."

High Performance Magazine

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