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Shining Stars 

“Shining Star” represents a guiding light inspiring us as we navigate the birth of the expressive arts field and IEATA. It is an award to honor one of our pioneers who had contributed tremendously to developing the field of expressive arts and had also contributed to the formation and growth of our organization.


Members can make nominations to the board for the award recipient, then the board votes on the final person.  Any ideas about this award and its selection procedures are welcome. 

  • Maria Gonzalez-Blue

  • Anin Utigaard

  • Sally Atkins

  • Steve & Ellen Levine

  • Fiona Chang 

  • Jack Weller

  • Kate Donohue

  • Paulo Knill

  • Anna Halprin

  • Mitchell Kossak

  • Karen Estrella 

  • Kathleen Horne

  • Natalie Rogers 
    (Extended Posthumously)

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