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The regional groups are just forming, and will grow and evolve naturally as the network develops, new members join, and regional coordinators make necessary adjustments. The current regional groups are:

USA West
USA: Midwest

USA: Northeast

USA: Southwest
USA: Southeast

USA: Northern California

USA: Southeast California

Middle East



Asia Pacific 


Latin America


P.S. This is an evolving list.

Please contact

for any addition and revision. 

Follow these easy steps to be part of a regional group on our IEATA Member Network:

  1. On the IEATA website Click “MEMBER LOG IN” on your right top corner.

  2. Enter your username and Password, then go to your personal profile page.

  3. On your personal profile page, go to “My Features” on the Member Network menu and click “Circles” from the drop menu.

  4. Click “All Circles” on your left, you can see the list of all circles, including Regional Group Circles.

  5. Find the circle that you want to join, click the name of the circle in blue to open the selected regional group circle page.

  6. Read the information of the selected circle. Click “Join Circle” if you want to join in.

  7. Click “My Circles” and see the circles that you have successfully joined in.

  8. You can also create new circles and invite people to join just by going to “My Profile” page and click “Start a new circle” on the lower menu of the page.

  9. Fill in the information and click “Create circle”.

  10. You can find the newly created circle under “My Circles” and send an invitation to your connections on the newly created circle page. Press Invite Connections on the grey menu on the left.

If you wish to start a group in your area, or to join our current regional groups,

or for more information, please contact the          Regional Co-chairs.  

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