Welcome to EXPRESS Earth Day IEATA’s on-line event, my name is Dr. Roxanne Daleo as Co-Chair of the Educational Resources Committee with Miriam Duff, we are excited to announce the opportunity for our members to join us as we weave together a moment of global community without borders honoring our planet Earth using the power of expressive arts.


International Expressive Arts Therapy Association is a non-profit, global organization that

recognizes educators and inspires artists to explore multiple forms of artistic expression

fostering personal and communal transformation. (Visit us at our website


Our mission is to build an open and sustainable forum for dialog. And to share the many benefits of membership with other organizations around the world. This is why we are inviting you to submit your photos, videos capturing rituals and celebrations of Earth Day for us to upload onto our BLOG site Educational Resources Connection.


So much growth has happened to us in our field of Expressive Arts Therapies since the first

Earth Day. For example, encouraging artistic expression among the Veterans suffering from

post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) has now been found most helpful as the Vets are finding relief in the form of multi-modal artistic expression. And of course it’s been long known, artistic expression calms down the disturbed child. In my work, I focus on combining expressive arts with nature but this field of eco-psychology and eco-expressive arts is constantly evolving and the applications are endless.


The power of Expressive Arts Therapy is a catalyst for psychological, physical and spiritual

wellness. We know essentially at the core of all healing is spirit. The reclaiming of our spirit is not dependent on the outside world, it is our essence, our true essence and it is what defines us; it is not bound by culture or language, it is universal and yet it is uniquely ours. As cultures come together and exchange their essence, we join in a song of awakening consciousness and

the rhythm carries us forward from the local to the global family.


All the flowers of tomorrow are planted in the seeds of today. Let’s plant seeds of sacred ritual, music, dance, drumming and chanting as an expressive art form of cooperation, co-creation,

kindness, appreciation and the interconnectedness of all life. 

EXPRESS Earth Day - April 22, 2021.


Interested? Have an event or activity to submit?

  • Please email your submission, accompanied by your name, geographic location and a brief description (10-20 words) of the event to:

  • Prior to submitting do ensure you have consent from people who appear in any submitted photos and/or videos regarding being posted online.

  • All submissions received by the deadline: March 22nd, 2021 

  • Please check IEATA FaceBook page for the EXPRESS Earth Day Call to Action updates - This is an online global activity that we can all join in contributing to, as performers, healers and educators, IEATA-style!



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