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What is REACE®?
Registered Expressive Arts Consultant/Educator

The REACE® designation includes expressive arts consultants and educators who use the expressive arts in a broad range of approaches in education, organizational development, health fields and more. The REACE® candidate may have formal training or acquired experience by applying their skills in work situations. The applicant will choose one of two application tracks that best fits his or her education and experience. REACE applicants must thoroughly document education, work experience, expressive arts training, and personal and professional competency as an expressive arts consultant/educator, and agree to abide by our REACE® Code of Ethics.

IEATA® requires each approved REACE® member to either have liability insurance or to submit a request for exemption from this requirement. Generally, the reasons for exemption are that you are covered by the organization that you work for, or you are not doing active work in the Expressive Arts field currently. You do not need to have this insurance to apply for REACE® designation rather you might choose to obtain it once you have been approved for professional designation. IEATA® will issue your professional certificate once you qualify and the information regarding liability insurance is received.

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