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What does IEATA® do?

Worldwide Community:

IEATA® is an international network dedicated to bringing the arts into the world for growth, healing, communication, and collaborative learning. IEATA® provides a professional guild and an international network, builds and sustains a worldwide community, and offers an open forum for dialogue. We sponsor international and regional conferences

Our website includes a wealth of information about our association and activities, including the option to join and renew membership online. We offer a searchable Member Directory and the IEATA® Members Network, our online community, where members can connect with each other in regional groups (see Member Login Page); share images, videos or music; promote upcoming events; or post bulletin board listings such as job opportunities, RFPs, office space rentals, and more. Members receive IEATA®'s Newsletter--a for-members-only publication--and our members-only eNews.

Professional Excellence:

One of IEATA®'s key missions is to promote professional excellence and ethical standards of practice in the field of expressive arts. To this end, IEATA® has established an application and registration process for Registered Expressive Arts Therapists (REATs) and Registered Expressive Arts Consultant/Educators (REACE®s). These practitioners are guided by an established professional code of ethics, an expression of values and goals that help define our work as a professional community.

  • REACE® registration includes expressive arts consultants and educators using the expressive arts in a broad range of approaches in education, organizational development, health fields and more.


Increase Awareness:

IEATA® seeks to increase recognition of the use of expressive arts as powerful tools for social, psycho-social, physical, and spiritual wellness. IEATA® engages artists, educators, therapists, and facilitators in all aspects of expressive arts practices. Our biennial international conference attracts more than 300 participants and presenters from around the world. The relationships we cultivate with professional organizations and academic institutions increase global awareness and expansion of the expressive arts.

International Schools and Social Directories:

IEATA® aims to increase the recognition and use of expressive arts as powerful tools for psycho-social, physical, and spiritual wellness. Visit our Educational Resources page for a list of national and international schools and programs in the expressive arts. We constantly review and update our information in an effort to keep up with the ever-changing nature of curricula and institutions. If you know of a program or school that could be added to our listing, please contact the Educational Resources Committee.

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