Submission Guidelines


The Newsletter is a forum for IEATA® professional, student, and supporting members to connect, exchange ideas, network, and stay current on the latest developments in the field of expressive arts. It is published twice a year by the IEATA® Publications Committee.

Submissions are welcome from any current IEATA® member and from those in the larger expressive arts community upon Committee approval.

Submission Deadlines:

  • edition 1  |  March 1st

  • edition 2 |  September 1st

We Accept Submissions for:

Notes from the Field - reflections or commentaries concerning the process of engaging in the expressive arts from the viewpoint of artist, student, intern, consultant, educator, therapist, client, activist, and more.

Student News, Views & More - reflections or commentaries concerning issues, views, and the perspectives of those currently enrolled as students in expressive arts programs.

Professional Exchange - professional reflections or commentaries concerning new approaches, certification, trends, historical reflections, ethics, and other developing issues from practitioners, educators, consultants.

Ripening Seeds - column highlights different approaches to expressive arts as depicted by those nested within particular cultures or regions of the world. Ripening Seeds contributions have spanned the continental Americas and Asia, and each column has been shared in the author's native language as well as in English. Diverse perspectives from around the world are included in order to promote intercultural understanding.

>> If you are submitting to Ripening Seeds, contact Kate Donohue, Ripening Seeds' editor, at: for submission guidelines

Book Reviews - short reviews of new books in the field of expressive/creative arts and related topics that provide both descriptive and critical commentary concerning the books' relevance to expressive arts practice.

Creative Contributions:

We welcome artistic contributions in single or multiple modalities that inform or depict expressive arts work. Contributions may include:

  • Visual artwork

  • Poetry

  • Creative writings

  • Audio

  • Video

How to Send us your Work:

  • All submissions must be electronic/digital. We do not accept hard copy submissions

  • Email  your submission as a .doc, .pdf, or .rtf attachment to

  • All submission must have "Newsletter Submission" as the subject line

  • Images should be sent as .jpg files

Article Submission Specifics:

  • Length - maximum 3000 words

  • Images - must be submitted as .jpg files

  • Audio - provide url link

  • Video - provide url link

  • Language - written submissions must be in English


All submissions are subject to editing for length and content at the editors' discretion. However, if a submission requires a more extensive edit, contributors shall be notified by the editors prior to finalization.

Simultaneous Submissions:

Contributors must notify the editors if a submission to the IEATA® Newsletter has simultaneously been submitted to another publication or if a submission to the IEATA® Newsletter has been previously printed in another publication.


Member Prices

  • $30.00 - business card size

  • $50.00 - 1/4 page

  • $100.00 - 1/2 page

  • $200.00 - full page

Non-Member Prices

  • $75.00 - business card size

  • $95.00 - 1/4 page

  • $150.00 - 1/2 page

  • $250.00 - full page

Advertisement submissions must be .pdf or .jpg file formats and should be emailed to

Payment is due at the time of submission. Remit to: International Expressive Arts Therapy Association (IEATA), P.O. Box 40707, San Francisco, CA 94110-9991 USA


IEATA®'s eNews is a forum designed to promote connections within the expressive arts community and to share news and upcoming events. The eNews is published twice a year, in June and December, and is distributed by email to members and friends of IEATA®.

Submission Deadlines:

  • edition 1  |  May 1st

  • edition 2 |  December 1st

We Accept Submissions for:

Regional Group News - regional networking events and announcements from regional groups

Committee News - announcements from the committees including openings for IEATA® Board of Directors Co-Chair positions

Entertainment News - postings of art shows, exhibitions, concerts, plays, performances, and other events

Career News - job postings, internships, career fairs, and netoworking events

Professional Development News - postings of workshops, classes, group therapy, programs, grant information, calls for papers/submissions

Good Reads - book release information

Other News - any other time-sensitive information that may benefit the IEATA® community

  • Announcements are limited to 175 words and may be edited for clarity and placement purposes

  • Due to space constraints only a very limited number of images can be published in any eNews edition. URLs can be submitted with text for associated visual content

  • Video and audio content will be published as embedded links in the text of a message only

  • Please make sure to include complete URLs

Some submissions may be redirected to the website bulletin board or the IEATA® Newsletter as appropriate

Publications Gallery

IEATA® Publication Gallery provides a showcase for creative work in language arts. We welcome submissions in all language arts media.

Who can Submit:

IEATA® members and friends of IEATA® in the expressive therapies, education, and arts communities are invited to submit their work in the various mediums of the language arts.

Submission Categories:

We are accepting for review original work submissions that explore who we are as artists and practitioners, affirm our clients and the work we do together, support research in the creative arts and the creative arts in healing, and give voice to the power of the creative arts in our lives.

  • Contributions in all language arts mediums--written, spoken, sung--are welcome.

  • Submission categories include articles, narratives, essays, poetry, music with lyrics, video, audio.

Submission Deadline:

Publications Gallery submissions are accepted for review on a rolling basis. Submissions approved for showcasing are posted by the first of the month and will be featured for a minimum of 30 days.


  • Text submissions - 3000 words maximum per written submission in .doc, .pdf, or .rtf formats. Submissions of text articles that have accompanying images need prior approval of the editors before submitting

  • Audio - contact Publications for submission information

  • Video - contact Publications for submission information

  • Language - text submissions are to be in  English. Please note: text articles may be submitted with a maximum of 1500 words not in English accompanied by a 1500 word maximum English translation of the article, with the editors prior approval


All submissions are subject to editing for length and content at the editors' discretion. However, if  a submission requires a more extensive edit, contributors shall be notified by the editors prior to finalization.

Multiple Submissions:

Contributors are encouraged to submit multiple examples of their work drawing from the various language arts mediums. We are currently accepting a maximum of 6 language arts submissions for the Publications Gallery from any one contributor within a twelve-month period.

Works Previously Published:

Contributors must notify the editors if a submission to the Publications Gallery has been previously printed and provide all pertinent previous publication information and permissions to reproduce the work in the Publications Gallery.

How to Send us your Work:

  • Text and image submissions are to be in electronic/digital formats

  • Email text and image submissions as .doc, .pdf, .rtf, .jpg formats to with "Gallery Submission" as the subject line

  • Audio and video submissions: contact Publications for instructions at





Ripening Seeds


We seek to build and sustain a worldwide community providing a professional, international network for bringing the arts into the world for growth, healing, communication and collaborative learning.

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