We seek to build and sustain a worldwide community providing a professional, international network for bringing the arts into the world for growth, healing, communication and collaborative learning.

International Expressive Arts Therapy Association® is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization

(Tax ID: 94 3203797) in compliance with United States law.

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Registered Expressive Arts Consultant/Educator

Application process to register as a REACE®

Completed applications for registration may be submitted year-round.


Applications must thoroughly document education, work experience, expressive arts training, and personal and professional competency as an expressive arts consultant/educator.


Presently, there are two ways you can submit your application. The preferred method is via email as described.


1. E-Mail:


Scan the completed application and submit it along with your documentation. The documentation must be organized in the order outlined on the application form and saved as one PDF document.


Letters of reference and official transcripts will be mailed separately by responsible parties.


2. By Mail:

The mailing address will be provided to you upon request. Please forward your completed application information to reace@ieata.org.

Download the following documents to apply:

       General registration standards and requirements

       Application for registration (fillable word file)

       Ethical guidelines

       Insurance liability form (fillable word file)


(Download Adobe Reader to view the PDF documents above.)