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Registered Expressive Arts Consultant/Educator

Application process to register as a REACE®

IEATA® welcomes your application for Registration as an Expressive Arts Educator/Consultant (REACE ®) Please enjoy this process as a creative challenge in describing your professional path and philosophy of Expressive Arts Education/Consulting.


Applications must thoroughly document education, work experience, expressive arts training, and personal and professional competency as an expressive arts consultant/educator. The General registration standards and requirements (located here) provide details of what is required in the application.


We are happy to speak with you as you begin the process of application if you wish. Please contact us at


The preferred application submission method is via email with all materials placed on one PDF. The documentation must be organized in the order outlined on the application form and saved as one PDF document. Letters of reference and official transcripts will be emailed separately by responsible parties. Please send your materials to


If you have a challenge with email, please contact and we will work with you to find a solution.


To assess your qualifications, please provide all information requested in the order requested on one PDF. Only completed applications will be reviewed. To facilitate diverse reviewers from different regions/countries and to maximize efficiency, IEATA will screen your application for completion and then email it for review.


You will be notified when your application is complete, and the review process begun. Your application will be reviewed by two (2) anonymous reviewers from the Professional Standards Committee for Expressive Arts Educators/Consultants. We kindly request your patience with the review process. All reviewers, co-chairs and IEATA board members are volunteers with busy schedules in addition to their supporting IEATA.  Once all materials have been received, the review process begins and can take up to 3 to 4 months to complete. 


If you have any further questions, please email us at If you need to review the guidelines and requirements again for professional registration, you may view them on our website at This application is designed for you to document each requirement clearly and completely.


Thank you for your dedication to Expressive Arts education and your interest in becoming a REACE® with IEATA. Good luck and we look forward to reviewing your application.




The Professional Standards Committee for Expressive Arts Educators/Consultants

c/o International Expressive Arts Therapy Association

PO Box 40707

San Francisco, CA 94140-0707, U.S.A.


Download the following documents to apply:


       Application for registration (fillable word file)

       Ethical guidelines

       Insurance liability form (fillable word file)


(Download Adobe Reader to view the PDF documents above.)

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