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Why join the IEATA® community

Become part of an international network

of inspired people bringing the arts into the world for growth, healing, communication and collaborative learning.

Join the IEATA® Members Network

our members-only online community, to participate in a regional group; share images, videos or music; promote upcoming events; find members with similar interests; and post bulletin board listings such as job opportunities, RFPs, office space rentals, etc. 

Locate other IEATA® members

and manage your personal profile through our online Members Directory of inspired people bringing the arts into the world for growth, healing, communication and collaborative learning.

Enjoy discounts to our bi-annual conference

which attracts a wide variety of facilitators, practitioners and pioneers in the expressive arts field. 

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a venue for networking and communication, articles describing expressive arts at work, art, poetry and an opportunity to share your own articles, comments and artwork, which attracts a wide variety of facilitators, practitioners and pioneers in the expressive arts field. 


For consideration as a featured artist in our online Artists Gallery.

Submit your work in language arts: written, spoken, sung...

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"I have met and engaged with wonderful expressive arts therapists and educators doing amazing things in our own backyard, who I might not have known if it hadn't been for IEATA. We are definitely not a cookie cutter field -- we are an exciting, cutting-edge community." -- Jennie Kristel, MA, August 2019


"It is so wonderful to have access to an international community of individuals who 'get it.' I am still a fringe dweller. Rarely do I encounter professionals in my hometown who understand my work. They don’t really respect what I do until they take a workshop with me. Then they get it." --Topaz Weis, VT, May 2019


“IEATA’s board of director has broadened my international exposure and brought me friendship through arts. The knowledge and cultural exchange is so meaningful and valuable.” --Aleck Man Kit Kwong, Hong Kong, April 2019 


"Being part of the IEATA community and serving on the Board as REAT Co-Chair are very important activities in my life. The collegial relationships and friendships that I have formed with other members are very important in my life. I look forward to participating again in the learning opportunities, both formal and informal that are offered at the IEATA International and Regional conferences." --Wendy Phillips, GA, May 2020


“I have worked in various functions for IEATA: Conference Co-Chair, International Committee Co-Chair, Executive Co-Chair and Advisor.  It has been valuable to meet elders, peers and new practitioners and co-create conferences, symposia, regional gatherings and apply my visions and creativity within a context of collaboration.” --Nicole Koethner, CA, February 2019 


"The IEATA board issued several recommendation letters to support the funding application of the NGOs to pioneer expressive arts initiatives, including intergenerational arts project, life and death education, youth arts employment scheme and establishment of a creative healing centre to promote holistic wellbeing. Each time we have a positive result and encouraging outcome.” --Fiona Chang, Hong Kong, July 2019 


“As a student, I appreciate feeling connected to my degree's professional organization. I learn about directions my emerging career as an expressive arts therapist can take, as well as understand myself as a part of a community of folks (across the globe!) working to cultivate healing through the arts.” --Rebecca Kreshak, MA, June 2019 


“As I listen to IEATA members around the globe, I am reminded that...the arts are an ancient form of healing.” --Katrina Plato, WA, September 2019


“Becoming a member of IEATA has heightened my attention to and concern for the larger community of Expressive Arts Therapists and Educators that are in the discipline.” --Deborah Armstrong, SC, October 2019 


“The world I want to live in will value the arts, and IEATA is singular in leading advocacy for Expressive Arts globally. It is also important to maintain a high standard of practice if we are going to continue growing as a field. IEATA does that as well.” --David Eckelkamp, MA, November 2019 


“[Through IEATA I've gotten] a sense of community and beautiful international connections.” --Maria Gonzalez-Blue, CA, June 2020


“[IEATA has granted me] the opportunity to put my extreme passion and commitment to ExA to good use as an organizer, visionary, advocate, educator, etc. And to make new connections/be part of an amazing tribe!”  --Suzan Lemont, Utrecht, The Netherlands, June 2020



I feel supported by being a member [of the IEATA] community. Knowing that I belong and have a place to turn when I or others need support.”  -- Gila Ancel Seritcioglu, Istanbul, Turkey, June 2020



"[IEATA has allowed me] to get to know other expressive arts practitioners’ work.” --Izabella Klein, Budapest, Hungary, June 2020

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