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Welcome to the online IEATA Members' Gallery. The Artist Committee offers this delightful virtual space to honor the fabulous creative work we all do, create community connections and inspire each other by featuring a changing exhibit of individual and collaborative work.


The Gallery is only one of the places where IEATA members can share their creative expressions. Current members can join the IEATA Members Network, our members-only online community, to post original images, videos or music.

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Periodically, we will feature a new artist.
If you would like to participate, please send the following materials to our 

Artist Committee Co-chairs:

  • Up to five image files of your work (in PSD, JPEG, TIFF or EPS format)

  • A brief artist statement

  • A brief bio

  • Please limit the text to a maximum of 150 words

The Power of Creativity TeleSummit

Nicki Koethner and Suraya Keating

What an inspiring event the Power of Creativity TeleSummit  was!  Nine days. Twenty interviews.  Dozens of questions, ideas, inspirations and tools. At this year's Power of Creativity Telesummit, which took place February 2-9, 2014, we engaged in cutting-edge dialogue with more than 15 artists, therapists, teachers and healers who are using the arts and creativity to catalyze profound positive change in the world. While we miss the live dialogue, we are grateful that we have the recordings of the interviews, and can listen to them again and again for tools, inspiration, and connection.

Olivia Corson

Founder of Body Tales®

"I grew up in a cross-cultural family. Body Tales began as my survival lifeline. I love the way this art form opens a wealth of resources. We are touched and inspired by our commonalities and our differences. We humans have such a tremendous need to share our artistry and our passions. Sometimes it is not enough to write in a journal forever and have no one read it – not enough to dance alone to the gods. There is something about being seen, heard and appreciated – in community – that is tremendously affirming. My joy in this work is tapping into the miracle of the body – making way for our fierce and tender stories – our lunacy as well as our wisdom. We dance for relatedness and for freedom, for autonomy and for belonging."

Link :

"Creative expression has been a source of nourishment, therapy, safety and pleasure for me most of my life. For the last three years I have been moved to create self-portraits. My work is an exploration of the developing self in the context of the twisty strata of psyche, culture and history. I work with pen and ink, acrylics, collage and acrylic medium and am drawn to creating texture and depth with these mediums."


Tuyet-Lyn earned her MA in Expressive Arts Therapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies. She currently facilitates expressive art groups for women and serves as an intern at the Center For Creative Growth in Berkeley, CA.

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I have been receiving the healing benefits of my creative expression long before I began my journey as an expressive arts therapist. As my education and experience grow, I have a language, understanding and direct experience for the myriad of ways that engaging in creative expression benefits us individually and collectively

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