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We hold International Conference in different continents for

international exchange, aesthetic expression, creative interaction and community building. ​

2022 IEATA Conference Flyer (1).png

14th IEATA Conference



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13th IEATA International Conference​


RISE UP: The Evolution and Revolution of Expressive Arts


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12th Biannual IEATA International Conference​


Indigenous Roots of Expressive Arts Therapy 

Building bridges and understanding between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities - creating pathways to reconciliation through art.

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1st IEATA Conference

in Asia


Flowing Tao of Expressive Arts 


Co-hosted by

Art in Hospital 

The first IEATA Conference in Asia,

East-West exchange of

clinical practice, research,

Community projects and contemporary trends,

through mutual respect and aesthetic reciprocity

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10th Biennial International Conference


Expressive Arts in the Winds of Change

Las Artes Expresivas en los Aires de Cambio

How do we rise to meet the Winds of Change? Do we flail wildly in the violent gusts? Do we stand firmly as the jet stream passes over us? Do we ride the winds like ethereal surfers or like ribbons in the breeze?

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9th Biennial International Conference


Living with Uncertainty

Viviendo en la incertidumbre

We live in a time in which social and environmental destruction threatens us all. There are no clear answers to the problems of the world, but the arts offer possibilities and perspectives that can help us find new pathways towards healthful solutions.

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8th Biennial International Conference


Peace-ing our world together

Hosted by Lesley University over six days in August, the event featured 71 conference presentations, plus seven full-day pre-conference and eight half-day post-conference offerings. Robert and Dicki Macy, and David Gere delivered the two keynote addresses.

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