Doreen Meister

Doreen Meister

I have been receiving the healing benefits of my creative expression long before I began my journey as an expressive arts therapist. As my education and experience grow, I have a language, understanding and direct experience for the myriad of ways that engaging in creative expression benefits us individually and collectively.


Using creative expression as a resource wasn't always my experience. At age 17 I believed "I can't draw, I'm not creative."


... until I was asked, "Have you ever tried?"


"No" was my reply.


"Then how do you know you're not creative?"


I was dumbstruck by the clear wisdom in the question. From that moment, "Let me see if I like doing this" became my new approach to engaging creative pursuits.


I began designing jewelry from silver wire and found objects. I discovered the joys of painting by playing with colors, emotions and movement on canvas. Most recently I am enchanted with coiling fine silver wire around plastic bags. Common to each medium I work with is the process of emergence from the unknown, in which the design and shape unfold as I immerse myself in the moment-by-moment experience of creation.


I received my MA in Counseling Psychology from JFK University and currently serve as an MFT Intern at the Blue Oak Therapy Center in Oakland. I am supervised by Cheryl Krauter MFT.







Yellow Movement









"Bird Cage" Pendants

Sterling silver wire



Plastic newspaper bags coiled with fine silver wire

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